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Open Your Mind to Sexual UK Mistresses

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Sexual UK Mistresses Fantasies. The Power Of Imagination

We understand a fantasy as a mental representation of something we have experienced or simply believe in our mind. When fantasy content produces sexual uk mistresses arousal or makes you feel pleasurable, we talk about sexual fantasy . In a sexual fantasy, the person recreates situations of diverse content (romantic, sensual or explicitly sexual) lived in the past or that are the fruit of the imagination.


What are sexual uk mistresses fantasies for?


  • It is a way to express uk mistresses the most intimate sexual desires.

  • It helps increase sexual arousal, both individually and as a couple.

  • It allows you to escape from real life, allowing you to break the monotony.

  • One can get to know uk mistresses each other more intimately.

  • And they may even allow you to experience sexual behaviors that have not been carried out in practice until then, serving as a means of testing.

  • They allow you to transform the real world into what you want or want.

  • Sometimes fantasies can be shared with the couple and are enriching for the relationship, while other times they take the form of play between the couple allowing to renew the sex life. However, it is important to remember that it is not necessary to realize all the fantasies that one has, in this case the following premises must be considered:


  • That they go according to their own values.

  • That they go according to the values ​​of the couple.

  • Let there be a mutual agreement.

  • What kind of sexual fantasies exist?

  • There are fantasies that occur more commonly and therefore occur more spontaneously.


In fantasies one can be the protagonist or be a mere spectator. It should be noted that there are no right or wrong fantasies, neither better nor worse, but they are simply the result of the expression of sexual uk mistresses desires or emotions that everyone feels.


The contents of the same can be unlimited and very varied, although the most frequent can be classified according to the following types:


Intimate erotic sexual uk mistresses fantasies :  fantasies in which the couple appears, may be more romantic content or just more exciting. They may also incorporate habitual or non-habitual sexual practices in the couple themselves, such as mutual masturbation, oral or anal sex, and so on.

Exploratory fantasies:  these include new elements, such as a couple exchange, the incorporation of a new person in the sexual relationship with the partner or with a bisexual component.


Sadomasochistic fantasies : fantasies based on the game of power, in which excitement occurs by submission or dominance.


Impersonal fantasies: arousal is achieved through a situation, a sex toy or a fetish.

Pleasant fantasies: where a concrete situation or sexual relationship already lived is recreated.

Finally, we propose some guidelines uk mistresses that allow you to increase your ability to fantasize (according to Lopiccolo):


Be imaginative and pay attention to detail. Pay attention to small details like the place, the color of the clothes, a perfume or an aroma. These are very important aspects to create a fantasy. In this sense the situation must be defined according to the 5 senses.

It doesn’t have to be a great story , it can be short images with a significant load of personal content.


What excites uk mistresses everyone is strictly individual, so it doesn’t have to be something explicitly sexual, it can be romantic, sensual, and so on. Discover what causes you the greatest desire or excitement and empower it.

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